Review "Article 11: weapons violence" St. Peter in the Atrium - Como


Library of Lenno (Como) collective exhibition "Open air art happening", historic centre of Griante (Como) "Sculptures by Marcello Pietrantoni and drawings by Stefano Marelli" at MM Interni Como


Personal exhibition Hotel Galles - Milan "Show/Install/Orestea Project Event" Curated by Paolo Baratella at ITSOS Albe Steiner Milano Review "Salon 1" - Art Gallery Studio 25 - Milan Staff at the Muah Club in Milan


Collective "Artists in Showcase" at the gallery "Il Salotto" Como MIART 1998 presented by the "Il Salotto" gallery in Como "Young & Young" collective at the Banca Popolare di Milano, headquarters in Bergamo "The circus of memory" staff at the Hotel Galles in Milan


Personal exhibition at the "Il Salotto" gallery in Como Review "Menotrenta" Spazio Hayek - Milan Personal exhibition at the Cortina - Milan gallery